Teaneck Creek Park Habitat Restoration

Teaneck Creek Park Habitat Restoration

Teaneck, NJ

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  • Construction Planning and Scheduling
    Construction Management
  • Project Budget
  • $7.1 Million
  • Duration
  • 2020-Present (Ongoing)
  • Project Team
  • Biohabitats, Ecological Engineer
    CME, Geotechnical Engineer
  • Contractor
  • SumCo Eco
  • Client
  • Bergen County, NJ Parks and Recreation

Teaneck Creek is a 46-acre park and of one of the last remaining natural areas within the larger suburban community of Bergen County, New Jersey.

The site was historically used as a construction dumping ground, which led to land degradation, poor hydrological practices, and the influx of invasive species. After abandoning the concept of using the space for a landfill, the county began a partnership with the Teaneck Creek Conservancy in 2001. This led to the reprogramming of spaces within the park to include a bird sanctuary, land art exhibits, and several clean-up initiatives.

The resulting project is restoring the natural hydrology of the creek, establishing new wetland habitat, removing construction debris, and improving the ecology of the space through the removal of invasive species.

SiteWorks was engaged by Bergen County to provide Construction Management of this eco-restoration. We began by conducting a quality assurance/quality control exercise which led to recommending a qualifying bid process to ensure the sensitivity of the site was respected by a qualified contractor. While on site daily we inspect the construction activities for compliance with the construction documents, manage the RFI and submittal process, and manage the budget and pay requests for this multi-million-dollar restoration. Construction began in 2020 with an anticipated completion date in 2022.