Wild Duck Pond Restoration

Wild Duck Pond Restoration

Ridgewood, NJ

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  • Services Provided
  • Construction Management
    Constructability Reviews
  • Project Budget
  • 1.7 million
  • Duration
  • 2021-Present (Ongoing)
  • Project Team
  • Biohabitats, Ecological Engineer
    WSP Engineering
  • Contractor
  • Earthworks LLC
  • Client
  • Bergen County, NJ Parks and Recreation

Wild Duck Pond project is a restoration which will restore both the ecological function and enhance the public use of the existing Wild Duck Pond Area. The man-made waterbody constructed in the 1900’s for ice production and adapted by the Parks Commission in the early 1950’s as part of the new Saddle River County Park, has ceased to function as designed: to divert water from the Saddle River down a conveyance channel and through the pond back to the Saddle River. As the Saddle River’s elevation has decreased and the pond’s clay liner deteriorates, the pond and channel needed vital reconstruction to restore the health of the pond’s ecosystem.

The ecological restoration will showcase several environmental enhancements as storm water best management practices. The conveyance channel will accept and filter stormwater runoff from adjacent streets as it proceeds through the constructed wetland system, pond, and eventually back into Saddle River. New wetland and aquatic habitats will be implanted within the exiting drainage channel and pond to support native wildlife, restoring the wetlands and re-establishing the native flora and fauna.

SiteWorks was engaged by Bergen County to provide construction management of this eco-restoration effort. Working closely with the design team we’ve provided a constructability review of the drawings; providing coordination of the design professionals as well as Division 1 specifications working with the design team to provide CSI format specifications prior to bidding. After unexpectedly finding contaminated soils onsite we coordinated the removal of the soils to a designated County landfill saving the County thousands of dollars. SiteWorks has also been integral in monitoring the permitted scientific collection of aquatic life and fish stocking prior to dewatering the pond for the clay liner.