Fulton Street Mall

Fulton Street Mall Streetscape Improvement

Brooklyn, NY

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  • Services Provided
  • Constructability Reviews
    Construction Management
  • Project Budget
  • $15 Million
  • Project Duration
  • 2009 – 2011
  • Project Landscape Architect
  • Resident Engineer
  • HDR
  • Client
  • New York City Economic Development Corporation

SiteWorks was the Resident Landscape Architect for this multi-million dollar reconstruction of Fulton Mall, downtown Brooklyn’s busy pedestrian mall and transit hub. The scope of work for this streetscape revitalization effort included a complete roadway reconstruction, new utilities and streetscape amenities including a central pedestrian plaza, street trees in decorative pavers, site furnishings, and CU-Structural Soil™ along Fulton Street. In addition to overseeing permitting through NYC Parks & Recreation and managing plant selection and inspection, SiteWorks coordinated the work for all planting, soils, and related hardscape improvements.

Construction sequencing along this tight urban corridor was critical. As a vibrant retail corridor, it was essential to have pedestrian access remain open throughout construction. SiteWorks was instrumental in providing contractor logistical coordination to the installation of all street trees from midnight to 7 AM, which assisted in meeting the construction schedule and minimizing impacts to pedestrian access. SiteWorks was also instrumental in providing contractor logistical coordination to keep the project on schedule to meet strategic milestones.